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3 Things to Buy at Ikea’s New Year’s Sale

Everyone's favorite Swedish build-it-yourself furniture retailer is starting 2019 with some sizable discounts on popular pieces.

For inexpensive, modern furniture it’s hard to beat Ikea. The build-it-yourself behemoth is having a New Year’s sale on several staples, from a simple desk to a line of bookcases that’s been around for nearly 50 years. To take advantage of these discounts, you’ll need to enroll (for free) in the Ikea Family program. And while a lot of the discounts are in store only, you can save greatly by shopping online too. Here are three useful options if you want to start 2019 with new furniture without emptying your wallet.

Alex Desk

Do you need a desk? Does your kid? Does your spouse? All of the above? With this sale, you can afford to pick up multiples of this basic piece of work furniture. The drawers have notches instead of knobs, so you won’t have to worry about getting jabbed in the ribcage as you write the great American novel and/or pay your bills online. Its normal $149 price tag is already pretty reasonable, so taking an extra $50 off makes this a hard deal to pass up.

Buy Now $99

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Strandmon Chair

This classic wingback is modeled after a chair that appeared on the cover of the first-ever Ikea catalog, published in 1951. It features stained wooden legs, polyurethane foam for comfort, and a high back that provides neck support for all but the tallest of sitters. The light beige and brown versions are on sale for $80 and $90 off, respectively.

Buy Now $169

Billy Bookcases

Several models from Ikea’s bestselling line of veneered particleboard bookcases are on sale. There’s a $15 discount on a short and narrow one, $25 off one that’s a bit wider, and $19 off a tall and skinny version. And if you have a ton of books (or other stuff) to store, consider the four-foot wide and nearly eight-foot-tall model, which is $57 off. Only the light birch versions are on sale, but it’s a neutral enough finish that it should look good in all but the darkest of decors.

Buy Now $225