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This Ridiculous Military-Grade RV Is Made For the Most Extreme Family Vacations

It's a massive military vehicle with all the comforts of home.

The Hunter RMV Predator 6.6 RMV seems like something out of National Lampoon’s War Zone Vacation. That is, the recreational vehicle doesn’t seem like it should exist. But it does. And, whoo boy, is it something.

The base of the Predator is a light medium tactical vehicle produced by Stewart & Stevenson, a Houston-based company that designs equipment for the military and heavy industry. Among their offerings is the Rail King Mobile Railcar Mover and a forklift that can lift 55,000 pounds. Basically, a bunch of stuff that the average itinerant retiree RV enthusiast has no business operating.

Nevertheless, the Predator brings that level of industrial power to an RV you can go out and buy. It’s powered by a Caterpilar-built 6.6 L diesel engine with 225 — that’s right, 225 horsepower and 10,362 lb. towing capacity, enough to tow back a big chunk of Lincoln’s nose from your trip to Mount Rushmore.

The Predator weighs nearly 21,000 pounds and is more than 27 feet long. It would look downright intimidating if it weren’t for the RV modifications installed by Hunter. As it is, the whole thing seems a bit aesthetically confused. It looks like a towable camper—the kind with walls that pop out when you’re parked—slapped on the back of a military vehicle that would be put to better use careening through a war zone.

Inside, the Predator looks like any other RV. Wood paneling, bunk beds, a smaller-than-normal refrigerator and, if you spring for the upgrade, a washer/dryer combo. It’s air-conditioned to boot, with an LP stove and water heater.

Hunter currently has two Predators for sale, the cheapest of which is going for $178,500. That’s a lot of cash to put up, but you can’t put a price on the smooth ride you’ll have through the mountains of Afghanistan on your next family vacation.

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