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The HP Powerup Smart Backpack Can Charge Your Phone And Carry Your Diapers

There’s nothing worse than trying to entertain a 3-year-old on a plane and having your iPad go dead in the middle of Dinosaur Train. If only you had brought this new battery-powered backpack from HP as your one personal item.

From the outside, the HP Powerup is a handsome, nondescript gray canvas backpack with reinforced leather handles. But open it up and prepare to be … electrified (Ed. note: It won’t really electrocute you). Inside the front pocket, there’s a single 22,400mAh/84Wh battery that can charge up to 3 devices, multiple times: A laptop (once), a tablet (3 times), or your phone (10 times). And they can be charged in whatever order you designate. And, unlike Alec Baldwin on an airplane, the HP Poweup’s battery self-regulates when it gets too hot, thanks to a built-in heat sensor. It will neither catch fire nor argue with a flight attendant about playing Words With Friends. It’s TSA approved to clear security (some larger batteries need to be checked) and comes with 3 cables (2 USB, one laptop) and a rain cover. Because, electricity.

HP Powerup Backpack
There’s only one potential problem with the HP Powerup: It only charges HP devices! Just kidding. (Sort of.) Yes, it can charge iPads and iPhones, but you’ll need a separate adaptor. If you have an Android phone, you’re all set. It cannot charge Macbooks or any laptop that isn’t compatible with HP’s power cable. Hopefully you can expect an aftermarket solution soon. It’s also a bit beefy at 4.2 pounds. But, you’ll shoulder that extra weight if it means everybody stays cool from taxi to touchdown.

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