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The Hopsy SUB Brings the Best Craft Beer Taps to Your Kitchen

Even better, that beer is delivered to your door.

What if local bars delivered beer? If one day, your doorbell rang and standing there was the neighborhood bartender holding a pint of your favorite suds? Your mind would be blown, right? Well, that’s exactly the premise behind the Hopsy SUB: a Keurig-style countertop home beer tap system fueled by two-liter canisters of craft beer delivered in the mail.

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While licensed by the California-based beer delivery service Hopsy, the compact SUB is actually made by German appliance manufacturer Krups. And it’s as easy to use as their coffee makers: Simply turn it on, slide the 67-oz. TORP (or torpedo, ’cause it is a sub after all) of beer inside, attach the spout to the tap, and close the door. When the green light says go, the beer is properly chilled and ready to pour. That’s it. You get four pints of beer that stays fresh for up to two weeks, your kid doesn’t have to fall asleep listening to Def Leopard in a stroller parked next to the bar’s jukebox.

hopsy home beer tap

As for the beer, there are 61 styles from which to choose, all produced by 20 San Francisco and San Diego breweries such as Half Moon Bay, Triple Voodoo, and Alameda Island. And they’re damn fine. A few of current offerings include Black Diamond’s That Veronica Vaughn Cream Ale, Epidemic Ales’ Bad Juju Wheat, and Laughing Monk’s Third Circle Tripel. The TORPS cost between $18 and $22. There’s a $10 shipping fee, and you have to show ID when you sign for delivery. While orders take between 1-3 days to arrive, there is a catch: Hopsy only delivers on the West Coast right now ⏤ California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and most of Arizona ⏤ although plans for nationwide expansion are in the works. If you live within their immediate delivery area, you’re in even more luck: for each empty TORP you give the driver, you’ll score a $1 credit.

hopsy home beer tap

The SUB sells for $149, but for an extra $100, they’ll make it a VIP package and throw in four TORPS, a $50 gift card, two tasting glasses, and a Hopsy t-shirt and a trucker hat. A hat that you would totally wear out to the local bar if fresh draft beer wasn’t being hand-delivered to your door.

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