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Honda’s Robotic Mower Is Here To Save Your Summer

The Miimo is a fully autonomous robot grass cutter that can mow half an acre in 30 minutes

Drinking a beer while mowing the lawn? Pretty great. Drinking a beer while having a robotic lawnmower cut the grass for you? *Kisses fingers like a chef*. And Honda’s Miimo, which is now finally being imported into the U.S., is a great candidate for the job.

Honda Miimo is a highly skilled autonomous robot gardener, and it’s been living and working in Europe for a few years now. Like most robot mowers, it looks like an outdoor Roomba except it snips grass instead of sucking up spilled Cheerio crumbs. It can cut the grass day or night, based on either a set schedule or how fast the grass grows. And, unlike the neighborhood kid you pay to mow your lawn on hot days, Honda Miimo won’t take a single texting break.

A 22.2-volt motor, high-traction wheels, and pivoting steel blades enable it to get the job done, while 360-degree sensors help it avoid head-on collisioning with trees or turning stray kids toys into mulch. It also comes with boundary wires that keep it geo-fenced to your yard. Miimo has three modes: Random (for open areas), Directional (for narrow spaces), or Mixed (you get the idea). There’s also a ‘Spiral’ function to tackle fast-growth sections of the yard and an “Edge” setting which cuts a border first. And because it mows the lawn more frequently, the robot leaves clippings that are smaller and don’t need to be raked or bagged.

Honda Miimo Robot Lawn Mower

Honda Miimo comes in two models, each of which weighs 26 pounds: The HRM 310, which can handle a half acre (in 30 minutes) and the HRM 520, which tackles 3/4ths of an acre in about an hour. Don’t worry about them dying on duty: Both mowers have self-charging Li-ion batteries and, when they hit 30 percent, are smart enough to head back into the garage on their own to recharge. If the aforementioned neighbor becomes jealous and tries to lure your robot gardener away from the yard, Honda Miimo let rip with an anti-theft alarm upon being picked up.

The Miimo will be available this June for $2,500. Expensive, yes. But can you really put a price on laziness?

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