Nugget Is A Portable Couch For Kids That Doubles As A Pillow Fort


No matter how sweet a bedroom you set your kids up with (umm, that’s an official Kylo Ren beanbag, thank you), they always seem want to sleep, lounge, build forts, somewhere else in the house. So, rather than throw your back out hauling that bunk bed to the bonus room, get a Nugget.

Nugget is 4-piece, portable couch for kids. It’s made of open-cell foam (covered by a soft, washable microsuede fabric) and designed to withstand whatever they throw at it. Literally. They claim it’s unbreakable, so hurl away! It’s comprised of a base, mattress, and 2 triangular-shaped pillows (equilateral, if you’re quizzing them on geometry) that are unconnected for easy mobility. And it’s light (9 pounds for the mattress, 27 pounds total) — your average 6-year-old can lift it above their heads and scream, “Are you entertained!” before hurling them across the den.

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Nugget Comfort Couch
A couple of cool features of the Nugget: Thanks to the self-gripping fabric (and physics), the pillows won’t fall off the couch when your kids lean back. And it can be reconfigured in any number of designs: couch, bed, hammock, chair with an ottoman, pillow fort … Frank Lloyd Wright’s Flying Water?
Nugget Comfort Couch

In case you’re worried that this bad boy won’t fit in your Smart Car/kid’s tiny bedroom, it measures 66-inches by 33-inches (33- x 33- x 11-inches folded) and fits twin bed sheets. You can also combine it with a bunch of Nuggets (they’re sold in multipacks) to build a massive fort/couch/destination resort that takes up the entire basement. Now it’s partially finished.
Nugget Couch ($229)

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