JellyTank Is A Saltwater Jellyfish Aquarium For Your Kid’s Room


The Dead President’s t-shirt. The Julio Jones jersey. The kid aviators. You haven’t worked this hard fostering your child’s sense of individuality (and/or turning them into a billboard for your favorite bands and style) so they can go off and bring some ho-hum, ordinary Betta fish to 3rd grade “show and tell.” No chance. Your kid doesn’t run with the pack. And to prove it, they’re going to raise pet jellyfish, dammit!

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Okay, so there are actually plenty of great reasons to buy a jellyfish aquarium for your child: They’re low maintenance, insanely calming, and look really cool in the dark under different colored LED lighting. Your kids will become mesmerized by this sexy 5-gallon desktop aquarium. The Jelly Tank is also designed to solve the problem that many pet jellyfish tanks have ⏤ namely, they accidentally kill the damn fish by sucking them into the filter. You could say it’s a bit of an evolutionary design flaw.

JT, on the other hand, is a proprietary-designed tank “with no sharp objects or corners” (ooh, jellyfish hate corners so much!) that mimics the tides and natural current, so the fish think they’re still in the ocean. It also has a “mechanical and biological filtration system” and no way for those translucent little buggers to off themselves. Which is key. It also comes with a remote-controlled LED light to illuminate the water ⏤ you just pick the color based on whatever Junior’s feeling that day.

JellyTank The Ultimate Jellyfish Aquarium

The starter kit comes with the aquarium in either black or white and everything you need to keep those fish alive. Setup is pretty easy: fill the tank, add bio balls/filter pad, and plug in the light and pump. Now the bummer: you need to jump back online, let them know you’re good to go, and they’ll ship out your Moon Jellyfish (which, incidentally, don’t sting! #WhoKnew.) So yes, your kid is going to have to wait a few business days until they can enjoy it. JellyTank’s Kickstarter is fully funded so you can confidently order their new, translucent best friend today.
(Pre-order for May 2017)

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