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Stay Loose And Limber With This Take-Home Massage, Compression, And Cool-down Equipment

At your age, recovery is more important than ever before. That’s true whether you’re crushing your new workout plan or suffering from a crushing backache from carrying a kid around all day. Fortunately, there’s a whole gang of innovative take-home message, cool-down, and compression equipment you can use to aid your recovery at the end of the day that are less expensive than the chiropractor and more effective than holding a pack of frozen peas on your sore muscles (although the frozen pea thing is genius).

Trigger Point Performance ‘The Grid’ Foam Roller

Trigger Point Performance 'The Grid' Foam Roller -- take-home message While it may only look like a foam-wrapped piece of PVC pipe … actually, that’s exactly what it is. However, a few minutes of foam rolling each day delivers all the benefits of a nightly massage parlor trip with none of the spousal suspicion. Those benefits include breaking up trigger points, loosening tissue, increasing circulation, and writhing in pain on the living room floor to your family’s endless amusement.

Buy Now $40

WheeMe Massage Robot

WheeMe Massage Robot -- take-home messageThis adorable, palm-sized rover autonomously seeks out knots in your back like Curiosity looking for water on Mars. It’s powered by three AA batteries, uses tilt sensors to never lose its grip or fall off your back, and has three modes: Vibration, Caress, and Tickling (with optional “tingle fingers”). Suddenly, the inevitable robot uprising sounds a whole lot more cuddly.

Buy Now $60

Dr. Cool Ice Therapy Wrap

Dr. Cool Ice Therapy Wrap -- take-home messageGet the benefits of compression and ice simultaneously, during or after your workout. Even if you don’t feel like freezing it, you’ll still have a moisture wicking compression wrap. They come in 11 colors and three sizes to fit any body part, which is important, because all of yours will hurt at some point.

Buy Now $13-$56

110% Play Harder Clutch Tights

110% Play Harder Clutch Tights -- take-home messageWear the benefits of compression and ice simultaneously. Alone, these are some badass looking, high-performance tights (which, ironically, shouldn’t be worn alone. Dude. Shorts.) Insert the reusable ice inserts into the strategic pockets and they become maximum recovery tights. Your hips, glutes, back, hamstrings, knees, and shins — the stuff that takes the worst pounding from kid chasing and carrying — will thank you. Still layer on the shorts.

Buy Now $239

RecoveryPump RPX Complete System

RecoveryPump RPX Complete System -- take-home messageSlip into a pair of these full-leg space boots, push a button, and lean back as they inflate to a predetermined pressure for anywhere from 15 to 90 minutes. You’ll emerge feeling refreshed and limber. This is as close as you’ll ever get to NFL-level recovery in your own home short of installing a cold tub and inviting a few of your 300-pound friends to join you for a nightly dip.

Buy Now $2000

Moji Foot PRO

Moji Foot PRO -- take-home messageMoji uses stainless steel balls to dig deep into those dainty little tootsies of yours and crush that Plantar Fasciitis. Pop one of these babies under your desk and you can actually do your body some good while seated all day. Of course, removing your foot from your shoe will do your coworkers’ bodies irrevocable harm, but your tired puppies will wake right up!

Buy Now $40

The Stick

The Stick -- take-home messageIt’s boring looking with a boring name but damn it, it works. A flexible core contours to your body while individual spindles rotate to knead your aching muscles and yank out a few leg hairs (which would sound painful if your kid didn’t already do that for fun). The technique, known as stripping massage, is not at all what it sounds like, but does work the hell out of those knots.

Buy Now $43

Human Touch iJoy Massage Chair

Human Touch iJoy Massage Chair -- take-home messageDad’s got to have his recliner, and this one pulls double duty as a stylish, stress-melting massager with 3 different auto-massage programs to work out all your knots. Unlike more expensive makes you might recognize from your favorite NPR podcast, it’s styled to look like it belongs in your living room and not like it just drove out of your favorite, short-lived ’90s Nickelodeon variety show.

Buy Now $799

Technogym Wellness Ball

Technogym Wellness Ball -- take-home messageThe Wellness Ball changes your slowly-killing-you workday sitting into “Active Sitting,” which sounds a lot like “standing,” but indulge them. This smart ball delivers you personalized training programs through a connected app tailored to your health. It’ll also sync to your calendar and send you updates when it’s time to work out, presumably when Jim is in a meeting.

Buy Now $225