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12 (Very) Nice Holiday Gifts to Buy Your (Very) Pregnant Wife

From slippers and coat extenders to body pillows and water bottles.

If your wife is pregnant, the holidays can be particularly stressful. It’s the third trimester, so she’s likely uncomfortable and anxious and hungry and sore. Seasonal joy can be a bit harder. That means it’s a good time to give her something extra for the holidays, something above and beyond, to help ease these final days. That’s why we’ve assembled this range of gifts. From slippers and coat extenders to body pillows and water bottles, these items can help make the last few months a bit easier.

Giesswein Ammern

A warm house shoe goes a long way when you’re home together, and some of our favorites are, without a doubt, made by Giesswein. Their warm boiled wool and generous fit make them perfect for cold, swollen feet, with or without socks. The easy-on slide design of the Ammern ensures she doesn’t have to bend over to slip them on, while a natural latex outsole is grip-sure whether she’s on laminate, wood, or carpet. An anatomical footbed still provides support.

Buy Now $96

Kokoala Coat Extender

If your wife is having trouble wearing her favorite winter or raincoat, then this waterproof, fleece-lined extender is an ideal gift. It zips into an existing jacket, providing extra coverage for pregnant bellies and, later, infants. It’s adjustable, comfortable, and can fit with a variety of zippers.

Buy Now $86

Lace Trim Maternity Pajama Set

When it comes to the third trimester, comfort is king. Few things scream comfort like a flowy pair of pajamas. This set is a fan favorite, as it’s soft and stretchable (thanks to some spandex) with a fold-over waistband and a nursing-friendly neckline that comes in handy when the baby has arrived. Available in a variety of colors.

Buy Now $52

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

The Snoogle sounds like a Dr. Seuss critter that hangs out with the Whos. (The Snoogle? The snoogle always travels in groups of two-gle!) But this large, trunk-shaped pillow is nearly as comforting as Theodore Geisel’s stanzas. It can be positioned to support belly, back, hips, and neck and also serves as a body heat-free method of snuggling.

Buy Now $60

Vuarnet Edge Cat Eye

Heritage eyewear company Vuarnet may have shielded the eyes of men as disparate as James Bond and the Dude, but the French company’s relaunch a few years back has breathed new life into their women’s line. The acetate and steel frames of the Edge Cat Eye are robust, but it’s the scratch-resistant mineral glass lenses that really sold us. Blocking a variety of harmful wavelengths from blue light, infrared, and UV, they still look very chic.

Buy Now $349

Boll and Branch Flannel Patterned Sheet Set

Okay, we’ll admit that you’ll both benefit from the Boll and Branch Flannel Patterned Sheet Set. But it still makes a killer gift, as these cold winter nights are made better wrapped up in their plush organic cotton. “Nesting” is a real thing, and these luxe feathers will warm you both.

Buy Now $245

Hydro Flask 24 Ounce Standard Mouth Bottle

Whether she’s pounding water or sipping herbal tea, the sheer versatility of the Hydro Flask 24 Ounce Standard Mouth Bottle is a gift she’ll love. The double wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks piping hot or very cold all day, while the stainless steel interior prevents the bottle from taking on the taste of what she most recently had. She won’t leave home without it.

Buy Now $35

Rumpl Puffy Sherpa Blanket

Whether the thermometer has fallen off a cliff or she’s caught a chill during a Netflix marathon, the Rumpl Puffy Sherpa Blanket is so handy she’ll want it close at hand. Featuring a nylon shell and synthetic insulation reminiscent of her favorite puffy jacket, the buffalo check pattern is both classic and filled with Christmas cheer. The opposite side features a fuzzy-soft Sherpa lining that’s soft against the skin and super warm.

Buy Now $159

Polk Assist Smart Speaker

When any movement becomes uncomfortable, the ease of the Polk Assist Smart Speaker will come in handy. Thanks to a built-in Google Home component, users can control a variety of smart home functions like a Nest thermostat with a simple precursory shout of “Hey, Google.” The speaker also connects seamlessly to streaming services like Spotify and, well, sounds pretty great.

Buy Now $200

Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Gift Set

Strange things are happening inside your partner during her pregnancy, and cravings are only one of them. Scents that she’s enjoyed in the past can become nauseating, which is why we recommend fragrance-free products like the Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Gift Set. True, it may be aimed at your impending heir, but the organic soaps and balm are effective, gentle, and odorless. It’s a perfect switch until her nose returns to normal.

Buy Now $30

Hestra Alice Mittens

Gloves during pregnancy are tricky, as fingers can swell, making a snug fit difficult and uncomfortable. Hestra’s Alice mittens are a beautiful solution. The supple hairsheep leather comes in a variety of colors, under which rests PrimaLoft Gold insulation and a brushed polyester against the skin.

Buy Now $125

Google Pixel 3

With the ever-escalating price tag of the new iPhone, a company was bound to come along and build the figurative better mousetrap. Google’s new Pixel 3 is said mousetrap. It has a longer-lasting battery, a better camera, and, best of all, it seamlessly integrates with the host of Google services you already use. Longtime Apple users will find a simple migration (including iMessage) from their old device. For those looking to actually save for their kid’s college, it’s time to make the switch. It also takes fantastic photos — which will come in handy when the baby arrives.

Buy Now $699

Brene Brown Dare to Lead

University of Texas researcher Brene Brown’s viral TED talk remains one of the series’ most-watched speeches of all time, and it vaulted her into the limelight as a totem for modern womanhood. Her books are almost guaranteed New York Times Best-Sellers, and her latest, 2018’s Dare to Lead, is no different. Focusing on risk-taking, exploration, and leadership, it’ll serve as a source of inspiration for any woman plotting her return to the professional world after birth.

Buy Now $19