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Columbia’s New SH/FT Shoe Is a Hiking Boot for Sneaker Heads

And we're all in on these strange knit shoes.

The more rare something is, the more you desire it. That’s a big draw of sneaker culture. Case in point: 2017’s Jordan 4 Retro Eminem Encore sneaker, which someone could theoretically score for a cool couple of thou.

Columbia is getting in on that game. To up the desirability factor of its new shoe launch, Columbia, which you know for its outdoors gear, is doing timed drops of its limited edition SH/FT collection, which the company bills as allowing wearers to move “seamlessly from pavement to path.”

Basically, all fancy wording aside, the SH/FT sneakers are outdoor shoes for urbanites. Meaning, you can hike in them, bike to work in them, and then wear them to eat a garden tomato salad at French Laundry (maybe, possibly), or at least to your local wine bar.

Unlike the heavy, earth-colored and decidedly unexciting but very functional hiking boots that Columbia normally sells, these shoes are actually, well, sorta fun. You can score them in mid- and low-top models, all of which feature colors like purples, tans, blues, and grays.

So what makes these kicks stand out? Good question. The color combos are bright and attention-grabbing. The shoes have a Nike Flyknit-esque knit upper and feature a midsole with a dual compound cushioning composite that’s durable and resilient. All-terrain traction means they can tread on pretty much any surface; top-tier waterproofing and breathability add to their function.

The initial August 9 launch will feature four styles for men and women. We’re partial to the orange, blue, and black slip-on style, which sounds weird, but is actually weirdly appealing. The next drop is happening on October 4.

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