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This Tiny Grill Lets You Throw A Barbecue On Your Balcony

Urban parents make a lot of sacrifices to raise their kids in the city (closet-sized bedrooms, block-long lines for preschool registration), but outdoor grilling shouldn’t be one of them. This Labor Day, if you want to grill, but don’t want to take the subway to whatever overrun, communal meat-cooking space your city provides, try the Bruce. It’s a space-saving charcoal grill that hangs on a balcony railing and allows apartment dwellers the chance to say things like, “See, we’re grilling! Just like if we had a backyard. Isn’t this fun?”

Bruce Handrail Grill

It basically a metal flowerpot on which to char tiny steaks (steak tips?) rather than display geraniums. But, because it was designed by Europeans (and those guys are good at compact), the Henrik Drecker Bruce only weighs a 13.5 pounds and measures just shy of 2-feet long — in case the pork store only sells foot-long dogs.

And if you’re not willing to trade that space for some meat-cooking capabilities, you can have your brats and eat them too. The Henrik Drecker Bruce can also mount to the wall and out of the way of the railing — although you should probably mount a fire extinguisher next to it. There, now you have your herb garden and plenty of room for a folding chair. And to that dad who won’t shut up about his wet bar, pizza oven, and above ground pool: Shut up!

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