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The Best Heated Dog Houses Keep Your Pooch Warm This Winter

So they can stay outside when the mercury drops.

Some dogs need to spend the night outside. Or maybe you need them to spend the night outside. Whatever the case may be, during the warmer months of the year, this isn’t an issue — they get to roll around in the dirt and lay in the sun. But when the temperatures drop, even the heartiest of hounds can struggle to stay warm. That’s where heated dog houses come into play. A winter dog house can keep your hound cozy outdoors, even when it snows. 

“Unless your dog lives in a consistently cold climate where it is acclimatized to the cold, or is a bred to resist frigid temps like huskies or malamutes, sudden drops in Fahrenheit can cause big issues for them,” says Dr. Ernie Ward, a veterinarian and pet advocate. “They can get frostbite, joint pain, and blood pressure issues that can lead to serious complications.”

To protect your pet, Dr. Ward first urges anyone to bring their dog inside during extreme weather. For the rest of the time, you should have a high-quality doghouse with good bedding inside that can be a cozy sanctuary when it’s cold.

In terms of Ward’s criteria, here’s what he wants you to know. First, the doghouse floor needs to be off the ground (the cold acts as a heat sink, pulling warmth out and making it worse for your dog), and there should be a spot for your dog to lay out of the air, preferably behind a curtain to defend against blowing wind. The doghouse itself should ideally have insulation within the walls and be sturdy enough withstand some snow. Inside, there should be a high-quality dog bed (non-toxic insulation, durable stitching, sturdy outside cover) that is designed specifically for cold weather. Ward does not recommend using electric heated beds — your dog can chew through to the coils and electrocute himself or herself.  

This cedar wood doghouse has a raised deck and plastic curtain that combine to keep the cold away. While not insulated (it’s best for warmer climates where it does not get too cold), it'll be great for milder climates with the addition of an insulated bed. It's off the ground, as Ward recommends, and the floor is removable for easy cleaning.

Suitable for dogs weighing less than 50 pounds, this dog has a removable floor for easy cleaning, a roof that opens, and a vinyl flap door for entry and exits. The slated roof helps with rainfall, and the plastic window is removable for better ventilation in the summer. It's made of fir wood and while it's not insulated, you can add a heated pad to keep your dog comfortable. This one is suitable for moderate climates.

Ideal for both medium and large dogs, this insulated dog house, which comes with a heating pad, is made with two to four inches of insulation to keep your pooch warm. There are two windows to help with air flow. The double-hinged swinging door makes for an easy entry easy. There's also raised flooring with drainage system. This house is a solid choice if you live somewhere with wintry climes, and while it's not off the ground per se, the heated pad keeps your pet nice and toasty.

The average temperature inside this dog house is 30 Fahrenheit higher than the actual temperature outdoors, meaning it's nice and cozy inside. But you should use it if you live in a temperate area, that's neither blazingly hot nor totally frigid; it's not suitable for extreme weather conditions. It's insulated with EPS foam. You can use a heating pad with the bed (sold separately). The dog house door is pass-through and self-closing. It's sized for larger dogs, such as a Saint Bernard. The insulated floor is raised four inches to keep things warm and dry, and has a drain hole to make cleaning easy.

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