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Expecto Diaperus! These Harry Potter Diaper Bags Are Pretty Magical

This collection is actually pretty magical.

The magically lucrative world of Harry Potter stuff already includes new e-books, Legos, wands, stuffed animals, and Golden Snitch fidget spinners. To which we can now say: accio, diaper bags!

JuJuBe, known for its higher-end diaper offerings, just launched a collection that we predict will reap more of that plentiful Potter lucre. The Flying Keys line, which includes more than 20 bags, has everything from a miniature backpack that clocks in at two pounds, to a lightweight tote that’s billed as being perfect for the parent “about town.” Whatever that means.

This magical diaper bag backpack is part of the brand's Flying Keys collection and has three carry styles that let you choose between backpack, messenger bag and grab-and-go modes.

So yes, we’ll be the first to admit that it’s hard to break new ground in the very overstuffed diaper bag category, but this line is actually pretty awesome. The bags are neither too cutesy nor too precious. In particular, the backpack is a great score, because it shapeshifts like a Boggart into a messenger bag, and only weighs 2.5 pounds. It has one mesh pocket, one zippered pocket, two insulated bottle pockets, and is machine-washable. Of course, there’s a changing pad included.

Each bag features gold and silver flying keys on a navy blue background, along with those Golden Snitches from Quidditch. When you open a bag, you see an assortment of wands. Which is totally on brand, so (sorting) hats off to JuJuBe for thinking of that detail.

The collection ranges in price from $15 to $195. All the bags are designed for parents, but are actually cool enough to be worn by kids. Which is a magical feat in and of itself.

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