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These Hanging Chairs Will Turn Your Car Into The Chillest Place In The Parking Lot

Every time you’re camping, tailgating, or taking in a drive-in movie with your best girl (which hasn’t happened since 1954) you run into the same problem — the comfortable place to sit is on the inside of the car. Oh sure, you could grab some of those reclining folding deals with the cup holders and call it a day. Or, you could be the guy rolling up to that Little League game like a boss. The Hammaka trailer hitch stand and hanging chairs are the elegant solution for the discerning sitting enthusiast.

Hammaka Trailer Hitch

The Hammaka trailer hitch comes with a 3-piece stand that attaches to any standard 2-inch hitch — which just happens to be the same size you attach your boat, Uhaul, or commercial-grade smoker to. More importantly, it comes with 2 chairs that hold up to 200-pounds each and support your frame and feet like a lounge chair. You might say it’s more of a swing than a hammock, but why are you arguing? You’re trying to relax, here.

Hammaka Trailer Hitch

Most customers say it only takes about 10-minutes to set up, which leaves you with roughly 80 minutes for nap time. The Hammaka trailer hitch stand is also made from powder-coated, rust-free aluminum, and the seats are all-weather fabric. That means no need to run outside during a passing downpour because you forgot to unhook it. That would be very un-Hammaka.

Buy Now $289