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This Indoor Grill Lets You Cook Burgers Without Setting Off The Smoke Detector

There’s a reason Hollywood never made a happy-go-lucky musical called “Grillin’ in the Rain.” It’s because cooking in bad weather sucks. Even Fred Astaire would call bullshit on standing underneath a golf umbrella while he turned kababs on the grill. But the Philips Smokeless Infrared Indoor Grill dispenses with having to leave your house just to make your kids a hot dog.

How is this even possible? And why didn’t you hear about this years ago when your Valentine’s Day dinner was spent waiting for the Fire Department? There is a caveat: Some meats, like pork and lamb, will still smoke a bit (even though they swear they’re trying to quit). But for the most part, the Philips Smokeless Grill’s infrared rays and heat reflectors evenly sear meat at 450 degrees without huffing noxious fumes. Not only that, but the separate grease tray underneath makes sure your food doesn’t cook in its own fat and comes out healthier. You may recall your George Forman Grill did this trick with inferior technology.

Philips Indoor Infrared Grill

Nobody is replacing the charcoal in your outdoor Weber, but even a purist can admit that conventional grills take forever to get hot. The die-case aluminum Philips Indoor Grill preheats in only 6 minutes. There, you’ve just saved 34 minutes of your kids whining about how hungry they are. It also has a warm setting, just in case your food is ready before you are. It’s even dishwasher safe — which is great because you and the wire grill brush are no longer on speaking terms.

Buy Now $275