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Green Day’s New Oakland Coffee To Use 100% Compostable K-Cup Pods

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, but has resisted buying one of those pod coffee makers because you couldn’t stomach the thought of landfills overflowing with billions of K-cups, here your chance to come clean. Green Day (yes, Green Day) have made the Keurig machine guilt-free, courtesy of 100 percent compostable bags and cups.

Green Day's Oakland Coffee Atomic Blend

Oakland Coffee Works is a new “fourth-wave” (yes, that’s a thing now) environmentally conscious organic coffee company from Mike Dirnt and Billie Joe Armstrong that sells fair trade-certified coffee in compostable packaging. Green Day, you’ve actually gone green. And while the oak-fire roasted, whole bean coffee imported from Colombia, Honduras, and Peru, is no doubt delicious, the big sell is the packaging.

The coffee ships in fully-compostable 12-ounce bags and Keurig-compatible single-serve cups made entirely from plant-based materials. The bags are already on the market, while the cups — on which they are partnering with San Francisco Bay Coffee — are just around the corner. All the packaging is said to deteriorate in 90 days, although there is a catch: you need to live near a commercial composting facility. Unfortunately, you can’t just dump ’em in the bucket of worms you have sitting in the back yard. But still, a step in the right direction.

oakland coffee works

Current Oakland Coffee Works offerings include single bags of the medium dark roast Atomic Garden and 6-packs of their Gardenista Blend, which boasts a rich balanced flavor and will no doubt make you say good riddance to the coffee you’ve been buying at the grocery store.

Buy Now $13

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