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9 Mother’s Day Cards That Are Way Cooler Than Anything You’ll Find at the Drugstore

These cards are basically gifts in their own right. Although you should probably still get an actual gift, too.

This Mother’s Day, for the love of all that is holy, don’t grab a drugstore card. Now, we’re not saying don’t get a card. Cards are great! Especially when scribbled with barely-legible crayon notes from the kids. What we mean is don’t settle for one stuffed with stock phrases and short-form poems. Those are lame. And besides, there are so many more options out there. Really great options, actually. That’s right, the internet card industry has, dare we say it, game. We’re talking companies making cards featuring everything from intricate, scissor-cut family portraits to hand-carved wooden cards etched with custom messages. We know, right? We scoped out the latest and arrived at nine of our favorite custom Mother’s Day cards. They’re so great they almost mean you don’t have to get the mothers in your lives an actual presentAlmost.


lovepop -- mother's day cards

Lovepop’s three-dimensional pop-up cards make for an incredible first impression when opened. Origami figures such as hummingbirds, butterflies, and even elephants pop out with gorgeous detail against colorful backdrops. If you order cards online, Lovepop will also throw in free shipping.

Buy Now $13

Family Portrait

family portrait -- mother's day cards

Send Etsy user PurplePaperPeople photos of your loved ones, and they’ll transform them into a stunning, custom paper-cut family portrait. The custom paper art is hand-made and constructed using art-quality paper. Cards can be made with separate photos of three different people, with more expensive options available for four people, or three people and a pet.

Buy Now $250


greetabl -- mother's day cards

Greetabl does away with standard pre-printed Mother’s Day cards to offer something truly custom and unique. Upload personal photos, write a custom message, and pick a box design, and Greetabl will combine them all into a special, surprise box that unfolds to reveal a special treat inside, like a cabernet lollipop or lavender soap.

Buy Now $12

Muscle Mama

muscle mama -- mother's day cards

Sourced from sustainable wood and laser-cut to precisely carve out its design, Cardtorial’s Muscle Mama swaps out paper for a more beautiful, tactile material. You can include a note on the back using a marker, or have your personal message engraved into the wood for another $7.50.

Buy Now $14

Laser-Cut Tree

laser-cut tree -- mother's day cards

This beautiful card features an intricate, laser-cut tree design. The tree is embellished with gold foil, and an inside message reads “Have a special day with love.” The sheer detail on the tree is incredible, which is adorned with colorful birds, flowers, and butterflies.

Buy Now $4.50

Wooden Book Card

wooden book -- mother's day card

Like Cardtorial’s Muscle Mama, Etsy shop Threepeakscompany uses wood to create its incredible, personalized cards. The front of their Mother’s Day Book Card reads “I love you more than the world,” and the inside can be customized with a personal, laser-engraved message.

Buy Now $19

Paper D’Art

paper d'art -- mother's day cards

This “Butterfly Cage” card instantly transforms into a beautifully ornate, three-dimensional set right out of the envelope. Featuring stunning paper flowers and butterflies, the laser-cut card makes an incredible impression as it unfolds, and comes with a large, blank message tag for writing a personal note.

Buy Now $9

Floral Noir

floral noir -- mother's day cards

Independent Etsy shop NightingaleProjects has created this striking, original Mother’s Day card that’s screen-printed by hand on 100 percent cotton paper. Its vintage, black background really helps its center floral design pop dramatically.

Buy Now $5

Paper Spiritz Mother’s Day Cards Love Carnation Bouquets

Paper Spiritz Mother’s Day Cards Love Carnation Bouquets -- mother's day cards

Paper Spiritz’s Mother’s Day card combines the surprise of intricate, 3-D design with the brightness of floral bouquets. Featuring a heart-filled cover, the card opens to reveal a paper bunch of flowers waiting in the center, leaving plenty of room around it for a heartfelt note.

Buy Now $9