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Holy Sheet! Great Jones Cookware Is Handsome and Functional

It's the best-looking cookware out there.

It’s almost impossible to make pots, pans, baking sheets, and cake pans look and feel cool. They’re inherently not. Enter Great Jones Cookware. Not only do its wares look like something an artist dreamed up, but they also work beautifully. Of course, while aesthetics matter, ultimately you want stuff that turns out perfect soups, crispy chickens, and moist cakes.

Great Jones is the brainchild of childhood friends Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis. Tishgart was a food editor, and Moelis worked at a wedding registry. And they saw a hole in the market: Well-made, beautiful cookware that was affordable without compromising on quality. Thus they cooked up Great Jones; all the brand’s pots and pans are ceramic or cast-iron and nonstick without using Teflon.

This is the set of your baking dreams. It includes a sheet pan, two cake pans, two loaf pans, a casserole dish and a pie pan.

This set includes everything you need to whip up any meal you want: An enameled cast iron pan, a stainless steel crying pan, a nonstick frying pan, and a big pot for pastas and stews.

Why is it so beloved? It's made of aluminized steel and reinforced with steel rods so it handle really, really high temps. It has a ceramic coating, so it's easy to clean. And it distributes heat evenly. Plus, it's pretty enough to go from oven to table.

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