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GoPro’s Latest Action Camera Has Eyes on Everything

The GoPro Fusion captures 360-degrees of action for VR and ensures you never miss a shot.

Whether you’re bombing down a mountain bike trail or capturing the glory of your kid‘s first time in a bouncy castle, GoPro‘s Fusion camera takes it all in. The company’s first 360-degree camera captures a full panorama of every bump, dive, bailout, and barf stream that occurs in either situation.

The Fusion is a 3-in-1 spherical camera that shoots not only traditional still photos and non-HD video, but also 5.2K video at 30fps in full VR. GoPro’s previous somewhat bootleg attempt (the Omni) involved multiple Hero4 cameras jury-rigged together at a cost of almost $5,000. The Fusion, on the other hand, should reportedly run much less ⏤ although no price has been announced.

Not like you’re really going to be strapping into VR to relive the glory. But that’s okay, because as far as we’re concerned, the Fusion’s biggest selling feature is the OverCapture Reframing Technology, which allows users to continuously record everything in view and then decide what shots to use later. By taking all the pictures, it becomes impossible to take a bad one. No eye for composition or framing needed.

Designed to compete with cameras like the Samsung Gear 360 and Insta360 Nano, the Fusion’s compatible with most GoPro mounts, accessories, and maybe drones. That part’s unclear. The camera will be available to the public in limited quantities by the end of the year, but budding VR photographers eager to test it out can apply to participate in the company’s summer pilot program.

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