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Glow City’s Light-Up Basketball Lets Your Kid Shoot Hoops At Night

No matter how many three-pointers you drained on your magical run to the 1998 Bucknell B-League Intramural Championship, the odds of your kid actually landing a basketball scholarship to Duke based on natural-born talent alone is pretty slim. It’s going to take practice. And a lot of late-night free throws in the dark. Good thing you bought them this glowing light-up basketball from Glow City.

Glow City is an official NBA-sized No. 7 rock that lights up red in the dark thanks to two embedded “Hi-Bright” LEDs. The impact-activated lights are powered by replaceable 1.5-volt coin batteries (included) and illuminate as soon as the basketball is bounced, so there’s no on-off switch. If you only dribbled the ball once before putting it under your arm to regale your kid with tales of aforementioned intramural title, the LEDs will cut out in 40 seconds. Bounce it again though and you’ll be able to see the bored expression on Junior’s face.

And because a glowing ball is worthless if you can’t see the damn rim anyway, Glow City also sells a neon basketball goal kit. It’s essentially a flexible electroluminescent wire that comes in one of nine solid or blinking colors, runs up the hoop and around the backboard and rim, and “emits an incredible neon glow” — just like you did sophomore year after hitting that game-winning trey.

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