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Gifts for the Extended Family

Make every person in your life feel loved.

This story was produced in partnership with Bonobos.

There’s someone missing on your list this year. You forgot your extended family, the people that you see every day and who have an outsize impact on your and your kids’ lives. We’re talking about “family” in a looser sense of the word here. Your babysitter. Your boss. The dog walker. They each deserve a present — a token of your appreciation for all they offer you. What to get them? Not to worry. We’ve got all the answers right here.

For the Babysitter

Sony Noise-Canceling Headphones

Your babysitter has done so much more than let you go out on a date. They have been a positive role model for your kid, who sees them as that young adult who will actually pay attention to them. Since they are likely going off to college soon, they’ll appreciate the ability to tune the world out whenever they’d like. This pair of midrange Sony cans are Bluetooth-enabled noise-canceling beasts and come with 35 hours of wireless power.

Buy Now $200


For Your Favorite Teacher

Bonobos Washed Button-Down with Toy Robots Crystal Teal 

There’s a teacher in your kid’s life who is undervalued. Whether they teach science or music or math, the impact this person has on our kid’s life can’t be overstated. With chemical interactions and frog guts or big ideas and great books, they’re the inspiration that lead to your kid loving and thriving in their education. Now help inspire their style with something comfortable, durable, and different outside the tried-and-true blue and grey button-downs. This 100 percent cotton shirt comes tailored to fit and with fun patterns that’ll put a smile across any student’s face.

Buy Now $88

For the Dog Walker

Hounds & Grounds Coffee

The person who takes care of your dog should themselves be taken care of. Give thanks to the one that loves your dog almost as much as you do with Hounds & Grounds coffee, perfect for perking up for early morning walks. The big draw: 20 percent of their proceeds go to saving animals in need. This awesome starter pack contains Morning Walk Breakfast Blend, Paper & Slippers medium roast, and Alpha Blend dark roast.

Buy Now $28


For the Personal Trainer

Apede Mod Corgi Duffle Bag

Don’t lie. Your trainer might be the most amazing, motivating person in your life, but their duffle needs some work. Up their game with this unique-looking duffle that’s totally water-repellent, has a separate shoe slot, and looks uniquely modern.

Buy Now $228

For the Financial Advisor

Ember Temperature-Controlled Travel Mug

Whether it’s your tax person or the banker who has been with your family for generations, the people that help you save money deserve to be gifted. How about this pricey smart mug (and of course there is one) that will keep their coffee as hot or as warm as they want it to be, for as long as they want. Simply rotate the dial at the bottom of the mug to adjust the temperature. We know it’s $150, but, hey, they helped you save far more than that.

Buy Now $150


For the Landscaper

Kiehl’s Men’s On-the-Go Essentials

They keep your castle looking like one, so they deserve to look incredible themselves. This great skincare set from Kiehl’s protects against the punishing sun and keeps your landscaper’s skin clean, healthy, and of course, radiant.

Buy Now $48

For the Boss

Willcomes Newtons Cradle Desk Balls

Hopefully you appreciate the boss’ guidance and temperament (if not, you can probably skip this one). Nothing telegraphs “I’m the boss” like a little executive desk toy. This one comes in the classic magnetic balls configuration that can go for hours and provide some much-needed distraction from the workday.

Buy Now $26

For the Crossing Guard

Wax Buffalo Winter’s Eve Candle

Great crossing-guards don’t just get kids across the street safely. They get to know the family, talk to kids who are having bad days, keep bad influences at bay, and act as a sort of social hub for the school corner. They also do what they do and get very little love. Be the one to show your appreciation and give them some serenity with this unique candle from a bespoke brand’s winter collection. With notes of lemon balm, bergamot, cedar, pine, and more, this candle will bring comfort to those who deal with your kids.

Buy Now $22

For Your Sister’s Boyfriend

You like your sister and your sister likes this guy. That should be enough to earn your trust. When he comes to your family’s house, be sure to bring a fun peace offering — like a pair of Bonobos Panta Claus pants. This festive gift sends the message that your family is close, has a sense of humor, and loves your sister enough to gift her boyfriend a pretty damn nice pair of pants. Think of this as an investment in some free babysitting in the near future.

Buy Now $98