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Win the Holidays With These 15 Unique Whole-Family Gifts

Is it a shortcut? Yes. But it's also a way to get meaningful group gifts for the families you love.

This holiday season, you could, of course, play Santa and load up on toys and gadgets for every family member of every family you love, spending hours figuring out who’d like what best. Or, you can keep it simple and opt for family gifts — presents that the whole family will like. After an exhaustive nonscientific analysis, we’ve determined that choosing unique family gifts saves you roughly 93 hours’ worth of stress — and makes everyone happy. Here are some of the best whole-family presents, from family activities and mementoes to personalized family gifts.

Upgrade family movie night with the Mars II portable projector.

Watch The Mandalorian or The Irishman anywhere, anytime, with this dope portable projector. It has 300 ANSI lm brightness and 720p DLP IntelliBright technology to give you the most crisp, clear picture you can imagine. You get surround sound and one-second autofocus. And it weighs less than 4 pounds.

This eight-player croquet set is basically a work of art on its own.

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Made in Ohio by Amish craftsmen, this beautiful croquet set lets eight players work off some of that Christmas dinner. The nine 5/32″ vinyl-coated metal wickets are solid, the balls won’t break, and the 31″ mallet is great for people of differing heights.

If you've got Disney lovers in your family, you need this ultra-portable projector, which is the size of your hand.

This brilliant little movie projector lets you download and stream up to five hours’ worth of entertainment without a WiFi connection. And it comes pre-loaded with e-books and shows for kids.

When you're done watching movies, blow off some steam with this bumper soccer ball set.

Get thyself into these inflatable soccer balls, and bounce, flip, roll over, and bump your way to world domination.

If you prefer to stay upright, and indoors, pelt everyone with these soft snowballs for an epic fight.

Cleaning these up is a pain in the ass. But the bonus is: You stay warm, and you still have a blast.

Pay tribute to your family's hometown with these gorgeous pillows, which feature famous skylines.

Whether you choose Seattle, Dallas, New York, London, or another locale, these intricate and beautiful (and hardy) pillows are a personal twist on an otherwise generic gift.

Instead of sitting on devices, get the whole family involved in making a set of candles.

This kit includes everything a family needs to create candles: tins, blocks of wax, a melting pot, a digital thermometer, wicks, gift tags, and scents. And if you plan ahead, each set could commemorate a specific year in your family’s Christmas celebrations.

We're not fans of appliances as gifts, but an ice cream maker? That's something your whole family will love.

Not only does this two-quart, heavy-duty ice cream maker look festive, but it churns out dessert in 25 minutes.

Sure, these decanters are meant for booze. But they're equally great for olive oils or other liquids.

Get all three stoneware decanters, in blue, green, and pink, for one bold and beautiful decor trio.

The whole family can wear these organic cotton family pajamas while chowing down on rocky road.

We like Burt’s Bees family pajamas because the organic cotton is thick and doesn’t shrink, and because the patterns are whimsical without being too tacky.

Personalized Family Gifts

When is a light not a light? When it spells out your family's name.

This industrial-looking light looks way more expensive than it is. It’s great for a playroom, but just as cool for parties, or even as an accent light.

The Yankees or the Mets? Both, with this personalized map of ballparks.

Families can add pictures as they visit each of the 30 professional ballparks on the map — a great memento for sports-fan families.

Hokey? Sure. But will you treasure it? Of course.

You choose a design, submit your family’s names, and wind up with an 18-by-12-inch canvas wall hanging that’s professionally stretched on a wooden frame.

Families can document all their national travels and adventures with this personalized photo map.

It’s so easy, and yet so meaningful. From camping at Yellowstone to hiking the Appalachian Trail, families can add their own photos to each of the 50 states to create a unique map showing where they’ve been.

The kids' names are given pride of place in this handcrafted Baltic birch puzzle slash wall decor.

When is a puzzle more than a puzzle? When it spells out the kids’ names, is made by hand, and becomes a keepsake.

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