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Holiday Gift Guide: 13 Nice Gifts for Your Wife

From an ultra-fancy hair dryer to a luxe sweater and a few sentimental keepsakes, we're sure you'll find something here.

Buying your wife a holiday gift is easy. Buying her a holiday gift that she’ll actually enjoy? Well, that’s a completely different story. It’s hard to find that ideal present, the one that shows you care and understand what she’ll like and use. Consider this list a helping hand. On it, you’ll find a barrage of gift ideas for the woman who made you a dad. From an ultra-fancy hair dryer to a luxe sweaters to a few sentimental keepsakes, we’re sure you’ll find something here — even if it’s just inspiration. Take a look.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Whether she washes her hair once a day or once a week, your partner is likely spending a large percentage of her post-shower time with her head inverted while a tired old machine she picked up at a Walgreens does its best. We can extol the virtues of the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, how its super powered V9 motor and myriad attachments (all included) make short work of wet locks. But we’ll sum up with this: it’ll make her life easier, as she’ll spend less time working on her hair. It’s less gift of a hairdryer and more the gift of time.

Buy Now $400

United by Blue Kelley Fisherman Sweater

Whether she wears it big for layering or sizes down for a slim silhouette, the buttery soft merino of the United by Blue Fisherman Sweater is a treat on the coldest days. While the pattern itself can be traced across the pond, UBB has updated this classic, taking much of the chunk out of the knit for a sweater that warms without adding bulk.

Buy Now $148

Breville Smart Grinder Pro

While many mistakenly chase a better cup of coffee through the beans, one of the best ways you can upgrade her morning java is with a burr grinder like the Breville Smart Grinder Pro. The Smart Grinder evenly grinds beans for equal extraction of flavor, avoiding the characteristic bitterness of uneven blade grinders. Whether she drinks French Press or takes it by the shot of espresso, the machine’s fully programmable functions (and 60 settings) let her take full control over the content of her cup.

Buy Now $160

Bose SoundSport Free

If she loves working up a sweat, then these headphones are an excellent gift. They’re “truly wireless”, meaning you don’t need a cable for that sweet, sweet connection, and offer a tech-y, hands-free experience that will keeps her focused on her form. They’re also rated IPX-4 sweat proof and come with a variety ear tips for just the right fit. Oh, and as they’re made from Bose, the sound quality is excellent.

Buy Now $170

Paper Cut Custom Portrait

Sure, you can give your wife a framed picture of the family. But you know what’s better? Turning that same picture into an artsy paper cut portrait. Simply provide the artist at Purple Paper People with three different photos, specify everybody’s eye color/clothing/and hairstyle preferences, and then sign off on their illustration. From there, the artists turn it into a 4.5-inch by 4.5-inch watercolor and gouache masterpiece complete with family name and flowers.

Buy Now $240

Sudara Kala Robe

For the socially conscious woman who wants to do her part (but also look stylish while sipping her morning coffee), Sudara’s line of rayon robes are made in India by “high-risk women or survivors of human trafficking.” Part of the proceeds from each sale also goes to job creation and training for other women in need. The machine-washable Kala comes in a soft cornflower blue, is trimmed with a golden waves border, and features both pockets and a fabric tie closure.

Buy Now $79

Spy Syndicate Sunglasses

Spy talks a big game about its proprietary Happy Lenses, but the large aviator-style Syndicates benefits from their eye-popping clarity and mood-boosting effect. The six-base lens shape is flatter on the face (read: no wrap-around mid-‘90s bug look) for a vintage style benefitting from modern tech.

Buy Now $120

The Sill Pet-Friendly Plants Monthly Subscription

To a cat, a spider plant is just an appetizer. But while humorous (and harmless), other plants can pose problems if ingested by your pet. That’s why we love the Pet Friendly Plants subscription service by The Sill. Each month your pet-loving partner gets a five-inch earthenware-potted plant that’s specially selected for its hardiness and safety. It’s also a great gift for those whose green thumbs are still developing.

Buy Now $35

Frye Ray Mule

Frye is an institution among women, but while its boots often hog the limelight, the Ray Mule’s slide style is something she’ll love as an alternate to everyone else. The leather interior will mold to her foot over time, creating a custom fit all her own, while the rubber outsole makes these more practical that you might think, even in inclement weather.

Buy Now $258

Pendleton Long Wool Coat

Maybe it’s the timeless silhouette of the Long Wool Coat. Maybe it’s Pendleton’s luxurious blend of wool, nylon, and cashmere. Or maybe it’s the draught-stifling length that’s made this overcoat the company’s top-selling women’s outwear for years. Regardless, it’s a surefire bet that if she doesn’t have one, she wants one. It doesn’t get much easier.

Buy Now $299

Shinola Birdy Moon Phase Watch

Plenty of watches display the date; all display the time. The Shinola Birdy Moon Phase watch tracks, as its name suggests, the phases of the moon on its face. From waxing to waning, it’s a unique and beautiful addition from the nouveau Detroit classic watchmaker.

Buy Now $525

Polaroid Originals One Step 2

In a world of digital everything, it’s nice to have something that feels gloriously old-school and enables you to consciously keep special moments to yourself. That’s what this camera offers. Modernizing its classic camera,  Polaroid’s One Step 2, which is rechargeable via USB 3, comes features a multi-setting flash and updated viewing system. The ease-of-use is the same as it ever was, with a one-button push to expose film. After, the traditional Polaroid ejection takes over. Take note that unlike the old film, you no longer have to shake your soon-to-be images.

Buy Now $120

Raven Stovetop Tea Kettle

Is she a tea lover? A design minded shopper who wants everything in your home to have excellent angles? This kettle has both covered. An easy to read thermometer enables her to heat water to the precise temperature every time (the better for flavor extraction, my dear) and there’s a small basket for loose leaf tea in the top. Because only amateur tea drinkers go for bags.

Buy Now $79