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This Giant Unicorn Float Will Make You the Life of The Lake

It's even got a built-in cooler and cupholders for six.

Nothing makes a party more magical than a giant inflatable unicorn. Just ask the kid whose backyard birthday bash includes a 7-foot-tall rainbow stallion blowing water out its horn. Or, everybody at the lake this summer when your entire family paddles over in this massive winged unicorn fittingly dubbed Party Bird Island.

The new line of fantastic giant floats from Sun Pleasure can hold up to six adults (or 1,320 pounds) and come in one of three species: a peacock, a flamingo, or the aforementioned winged uni. They weigh about 70 pounds each, inflate in around 20 minutes, and measure 24 x 21 x 13-feet when deflated ⏤ so they’re easy enough to load back in the truck after a day on the water.

In terms of features, the flamingo and unicorn have seating and cupholders for six, as well as built-in cooler. The floor is mesh (so you, unfortunately, can’t turn it into a kiddie pool when not on the water) and there’s even a swim platform off the back. The peacock, meanwhile, is a flat float sans seats but with what appears to be a comfortable set of tail feathers against which to lean back.

Each float costs $150 and all three are currently available at Sam’s Club, both in-store or online.

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