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Finally, A Multitool With A Full-Sized Screwdriver

Trying to tighten a screw with a multitool is kind of like mowing the lawn with a pair of grass clippers ⏤ sure it can be done, just plan on being there for a while. The drivers on those things are notoriously tiny and terrible at getting the proper torque. They work fine in a pinch, but are hardly the tool of choice for tightening a bike or assembling a crib. Unless, of course, it’s Gerber’s new Center-Drive.

The Center-Drive is, Gerber claims, the first multitool with a full-sized driver (3.2-inches long). Said driver is aligned on the center axis, which means works like a real screwdriver in terms of tension and rotation. It uses standard-size bits (flathead included) and rocks a magnetic 1/4-inch socket to ensure they don’t end up bouncing across the floor every time you begin your approach.

Gerber Center Drive Multitool
Of course, the Gerber Center-Drive is more than a mere screwdriver: the multi-tool also boasts spring loaded needlenose pliers and an above-average (for its shoe size) 3.25-inch knife blade, both of which open with a flick of the thumb. There’s a “Cats Paw” pry bar with a nail puller, a serrated blade, an awl, a file, wire cutters, and most importantly, a bottle opener. The whole thing measures 4.7-inches closed, 6.6-inches open, and weighs 9.5 ounces.

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