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Use This Backseat Baby Monitor To Keep An Eye On Your Kid Without Taking Your Eye Off The Road

From the makers of the most infectious Christmas commercial jingle ever written about a moose comes a convenient way to keep tabs on your precious cargo while driving. Garmin’s new BabyCam baby monitor for cars displays a view of your backseat on nearly any Garmin GPS unit you may already own, as well as a host of other compatible GPS systems. With a simple tap, you can toggle between turn-by-turn map view and a view of your kid, because the only thing more 2016 than distracted driving is distracted drivers putting distractions on their distractions. Actually, that sounds more like 2005. Can someone get Xzibit on the line for comment?

BabyCam is simple to install, if you consider clipping a tiny Bluetooth-enabled camera to a headrest “installation.” It also comes with a gang of cool built-in features like the ability to add up to four backup cameras, pre-exit passenger check alerts, and night vision. So you’ll not only get a clear picture of your kid in any light conditions without interrupting their sleep, but you can brag to your friends that your Subaru has night vision. Most importantly, you’ll never again have to turn around to threaten to turn this car around.

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Garmin BabyCam