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Fridababy — Does My Baby Really Need This?

Fatherly producer and host Evan Kaufman takes us through a number of Frida Baby products, including The Derma Frida, The Windi, and The Nose Frida. Does your baby need these products that deal with the grosser side of parenting?

Evan discusses the history of Frida Baby, a Swedish company that started with the Nose Frida and expanded to other products. As it says on the packaging, “It’s smart, it’s Swedish, it’s even a little strange.” All Frida Baby products deal with babies’ health. If they have gas, or a stuffed nose, or a dirty body, reach for a Frida baby product.

Evan breaks down the three items on hand, starting with the Derma Frida. The Derma Frida retails for $10.99 on Amazon and is Frida Baby’s version of a loofa. It’s a simple brush that helps remove dry skin and cradle cap.

The Windi is a special product that helps alleviate baby’s gas pain and/or helps them poop. Evan describes the best way to insert the plastic applicator and where to rub to help the Windi do its thing. As he delicately puts it: This product is about “the toots.”

Finally, we come to the Nose Frida, aka the snot sucker. Evan sings its praises and explains how his son has had colds and the snot sucker has come in handy. He also explains how to use the item, by adding a square of sponge to the plastic applicator and then sucking through the apparatus until boogers are removed from baby’s nose.

So, does your baby need these products? Yes! Frida Baby makes great, cheap, and useful products that really help when your baby is feeling sick, stuffed up, or gassy. Get them today!