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Finally, a ‘Fraggle Rock’ Inspired Line of Clothing

Good news for anyone looking to introduce their kids to (or just continue to obsess over)  Fraggle Rock and Labyrinth. The two Jim Henson Company properties are getting apparel deals with retailer Little Hippie. The lines include clothes for infants, toddlers, adults, accessories, and home goods. This is unverified, but we hope there are some shoes or leotards available for anyone who wants to dance their cares away

The deal isn’t without precedent, as the popularity of Stranger Things arcade bars, and well every Friday night dive bar soundtrack illustrate, ’80s nostalgia is still going strong. And the Fraggles are some of the most beloved Henson creations. Rather than the Hawaiian shirts, sweaters, and turtlenecks the Fraggles are known for, Little Hippie’s apparel, so far as we know, is focused primarily on singlets and T-shirts adorned with the show’s characters and their signature slogan: “Dance Your Cares Away.”

jim henson

Similarly, Labyrinth-themed apparel is sure to be just as successful. So far Little Hippie hasn’t released as much merchandise for Labyrinth as Fraggle Rock, but a David Bowie/Jennifer Connelly pin is available. This is probably for the best, as one shudders to think of a whole new generation being traumatized by shirts adorned with those creepy Muppet goblins Henson somehow got away with showing kids in the ’80s.

Although it really doesn’t matter what the kids think. Little Hippie’s founder and chief executive artist Taylor Swope indicated she knows this move is more for parents, so if they want their kids wearing goblins and Fraggles, that’s what they’re going to get. In any case, the Fraggle’s messages of friendship, understanding, interconnectedness, and love of turtlenecks are always good to instill in kids.