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Forj Is a Ridiculously Strong Tape Can That Can Repair Nearly Everything You Own

It's incredible.

Duct tape maintains its reputation as one of the all-time inventions because there’s so much it can do. Need to patch a hole in a tent? Make a wallet? Catch some flies? Patch a hose? Make a bunch of silly arts and crafts?  Duct tape. It can’t, however securely bind a snapped golf club back together, fix a broken axe handle, or, say, create a custom grip so you can hold a tool better. It’s simply not strong enough.For such tasks, my friends, there’s Forj. With a little heat applied, the thin, ribbon-like substance softens to a moldable material that enables you to patch broken tools and basically MacGuyver your way out of nearly every situation.

Forj, per the product description, is a high strength, lightweight thermoplastic tape-ribbon (100 ft. of the stuff weighs less than one pound) that molecularly fuses to itself in a matter of seconds. In layman’s terms it’s a plastic that, when heated slightly, is pliable. When cooled, it has a tensile strength of 1,000 pounds. The bond it creates is strong as steel.

This is the incredible tape that can repair everything. And we do mean everything.

Using Forj is simple: dip the amount of tape you want to use in hot water (140 degrees) and wait until the white tape turns clear. At that point, it’s ready to be used for patching, part creation, or anything else you can think of. It can be used to fix tools and sports equipment, serve as replacement links in a broken chain, and even to make a cast if a bone needs binding and you’re away from civilization. The uses are seemingly endless. The Forj site keeps a catalog of interesting fixes. Some include: Repairing a busted snow shovel, fixing the brake on a wheelchair, wrapping the base of a tree for an emergency tie down, and binding a pair of broken headphones.

Once cooled, Forj is moisture resistant. It can be painted and is good in cold weather. I can attest. This past winter I used the stuff to repair a busted lock on a bolted basement door. Come spring, everything was still solid as ever. I also used it to fix the broken handle on a garden spade I otherwise thought was completely useless.

Forj comes in a small, compact can that weighs next to nothing and is about the size of a tin of mints. It’s one of the best investments I ever made, as it costs only $20 and can revive items that cost far more. I keep one can in my hiking pack and another in my tool box, right next to the duct tape. I suggest you do the same.

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