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This Is The Easiest Way To Take Cold Brew Coffee On Your Commute

Until now, when it came to enjoying a smooth cup of cold-brewed iced coffee on a sweltering commute, you had two choices: Shell out big bucks at your local third-wave café or go through the whole French press-in-the-fridge rigmarole the night before. The third option is to just let your damn water bottle brew coffee while you sleep. The EZE Cold Brew Coffee Maker Bottle is essentially the same shatterproof plastic water bottle you’re already toting around in your messenger bag, but with a removable filter.

EZE Cold Brew Bottle

Add coffee grounds (or tea leaves) to the EZE Cold Brew Coffee Maker Bottle’s built-in compartment, fill with water, and toss in the fridge for 8-12 hours. Or not. It brews just the same on the kitchen counter! Either way, you’re waking up to coffee that’s ready to hit the road well before your kids are.

Not a fan of cold, caffeinated beverages? That’s cool, too. You can also break this puppy out before your next big adults-only Anaxi party and use it to infuse booze with all types of fruit or veggies, from bourbon and jalapenos to vodka with blueberries. Or, you could just use it as a water bottle at the office — full of blueberry vodka.

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