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Haul All The Things With EROVR, The Optimus Prime Of Hand Carts

You might be just as obsessed with Transformers as your kid, but it’s only appropriate for one of you to collect and play with them — until now. That’s thanks to EROVR, a combination wagon, handcart, truck, dolly, and cart that’s raking in crowdfunding dollars. The only thing better than having this baby in your garage would be if Optimus Prime himself asked to move in, and you don’t have the real estate or the license for that kind of rig, anyway.

EROVR is a believable enough Transformers character name and an adaptable cart that transforms into ten different configurations: a half cart, flat cart, luggage cart, hand truck, wagon, movers’ dolly, or versions thereof with added side panels. All it takes is a few button pushes, hinges, and handle pulls, and you’re ready to haul whatever life has you hauling that day.

EROVR Transformable Dolly Wagon Hand CartINDIEGOGO / EROVR

When you’re done battling Decepticons (or lugging groceries), the same simple motions let you fold and stow EROVR in the closet, under your desk, or somewhere else out of sight until duty calls again. EROVR is compact, lightweight, waterproof, and ultra-customizable. Available wheels, extension arms, and other accessories offer added functionality for rolling on sand, hitching to a bike, carrying fishing rods, charging your phone, playing music, or toting loose items in canvas bags and baskets — like, say, a massive collection of Transformers.

About the only thing EROVR isn’t is a stroller, but that’s a minor technicality at this point, because once your kid gets eyes on it, nothing’s stopping them from hopping a ride. Hell, with a 250-pound load capacity, there’s not much stopping you, either. Enjoy your new go-kart!

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