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The Boosted Rev Is The Batmobile Tank of Electric Scooters

The first vehicle-grade electric scooter is safe, sturdy, and a damn good time.

If you live in any major city, then you’ve likely seen electric scooters popping up on every street corner you walk past. Electric scooters for adults are taking over the world one block at a time, for better or worse. They’re an uber-efficient way of getting around — light, quick, nimble, and easy to use — and they’re miles more fun than cramming yourself into a train or car before your first cup of coffee. But those rental scooters all suck… hard. They barely make it up hills, rattle uncontrollably, and struggle to get above 15mph. Not to mention the fact that people dumping them on sidewalks is as much a public safety concern as it an eyesore. 

This is the most rugged and best electric scooter money can buy.

Enter the Boosted Rev electric scooter. The Rev is a tank in every sense of the word, and is very much the Batmobile of electric scooters. It has as much in common with rental scooters as a rat does with a walrus. It has dual drive wheels absolutely chew through the roughest of pavement, complimented perfectly by its stealthy black and grey paint job. Its massive aluminum frame inspires confidence going over potholes, and gives you a sense of security when you lock it up outside a bar or coffee shop. Even the handlebars are thick and sturdy, more akin to a mountain bike than a rental scooter. 

Aside from the size and build quality, another aspect that immediately stands out is the throttle, a metal wheel covered in what I can only describe as “spiky dimples” that serve to give you consistently great grip. The wheel is perfectly calibrated with a nice, heavy spring which makes for a smooth acceleration and braking experience (you can also brake with the rear-mounted disc brake or traditional scooter brake on the back tire, or all three). It feels just as easy to control going 24mph as it does 4mph. It’s a small detail that makes all the difference when trusting a vehicle like this with your body.

On top of all of the well-engineered hardware is Boosted’s familiarly (to anyone who owns a board) excellent software. The “brains,” or speed controller, of the scooter help make stopping and starting feel completely natural, and it only takes seconds to learn how to ride. Everyone here at the Fatherly office was riding it up and down the hall on the first day our review unit arrived, and my girlfriend, who doesn’t have much experience riding anything other than a car on the roads, was on the Rev and keeping up with me on my Boosted Stealth just minutes after first stepping on. If deciding between the Boosted Boards and this Rev, a decisive point goes to the Rev for ease of use.

The scooter isn’t without flaws, though. Same as any tank, being this big and heavy-duty does make it predictably, well, heavy. And I mean HEAVY. It’s 46 pounds, which is about 20 more than one of the Boosted boards or the rental scooters. It folds up, but I’ve found myself taking more elevators and escalators than ever before because 46 pounds up flights of stairs is no way to start a morning. You’ll want to leave it unfolded and wheel it or ride it anywhere you can.

It may seem like a huge pain in the ass to take to meetings or go out with, but the giant metal frame actually serves a dual purpose and makes for an easy, structurally-sound way to lock it up outside with a bike lock. Nothing on the scooter is easily-detachable, so people won’t be able to mess it with it unless they fully cut the lock.

Then, finally, you have the economics. It’s expensive, don’t get me wrong. At $1700 it’s firmly in the premium segment of the market for light electric vehicles. But, consider how much it costs to rent scooters every day. Or drive a car. Or take the train. Or Uber. When you start to add it all up, $1700 for a lightning quick vehicle you own that’ll last more than a few years (Boosted has legendary customer support, often going way above and beyond their warranty) starts to seem like a no-brainer.

We want to make it abundantly clear that this scooter is for adults only. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under 16 should not ride electric scooters, period.

If you’re considering buying the Rev, what it essentially comes down to is a couple key factors. The weather-proof, heavy-duty construction make this our favorite vehicle in the segment for all roads and weather conditions. That coupled with the low barrier to entry and learning curve likely make this the right choice for the majority of people in an urban environment. But, if you have a train ride that’s unavoidable or live on a 5th-floor walk-up, a lighter scooter or one of the Boosted Boards might be the way to go simply for their “throw it over the shoulder and go” convenience factor.

All in all, this is a truly fantastic vehicle, one of the fastest and most fun ways to get around the city, and a remarkable first go at an electric scooter for Boosted. If you wouldn’t be caught dead on one of those flaccid looking rentals, then this big, badass, Batmobile-looking scooter is the one for you.

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