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Best Electric Kettles

Every parent needs one to brew a cup of tea, or make instant oatmeal.

Electric kettles, long a staple in English kitchens, have invaded America. When you’re a multi-tasking parent, a whistling kettle and an open flame are the last things you want to worry about. The electric kettle, with or without cords, can simplify your life whether you’re making morning coffee, soothing tea, hot cocoa, or a quick bowl of instant oatmeal. 

When looking for electric kettles, make sure you pick one that has different temperature settings, works fast, and is easy to fill and clean. Auto-shutoff is a must, too, with kids in the house.

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The kettles come in a variety of sizes and shapes; in glass, chrome and ceramic; and futuristic cool or retro charm. The goal is nothing more complicated than water boiling – but ease of use is everything in an electric kettle. Here are the best ones. 

Yes, you could just buy a basic electric kettle. Or you could get this good-looking guy, made of high-quality, thermal shock-resistant German Schott glass with five temperature settings.

Pros: Breville, one of our favorite brands, ups the ante on your average electric kettle with this one. It’s made of gorgeous glass, has five temperature settings, a keep-warm button, and a multi-directional base with chord storage.

Cons: People love this kettle, but do report some problems with the lid staying closed.

This could be the sweetest electric kettle we've ever seen. Where to begin? It has a stainless steel interior. The kettle itself is stainless steel, with a stainless steel lid, stainless steel spout, and stainless steel rim. Meaning, there's no plastic coming into contact with hot water. It has a cool-touch exterior and auto shutoff. The ergonomic design and curved handle make pouring water so easy. Plus, it just looks rad.

Pros: It’s easy to use, and easy to pour water out of it, thanks to its unique curved design. This electric kettle will pop on any counter top. It has a 1. 7 liter water capacity and 1500 watts of power, and a power base with 360 degree swivel-for cordless ease of use.

Cons: Maybe just the price.

Countertop style and heavyweight dependability makes this 1500 watt, stainless steel cordless kettle your kitchen’s new workhorse

Pros: The great-looking large-capacity kettle heats quickly and stays warm for 30 minutes. For those seeking a level of perfection unavailable for the stove-top cooker, this kettle allows the user to set the water temperature exactly where they want it for drip coffee or the perfect cup of tea. 

Cons: The stainless-steel sides can get hot since the pot isn’t insulated – and some users complain that the warranty is “useless.”

Sleek and functional, the Secura has all the necessary safety features in a cool package. We particularly love its BPA-Free cool touch exterior, a must when kids are around.

Pros: The insulated exterior that comes in black, white, purple, orange and red stays cool to the touch, which makes it extra safe around curious climbing kids. This plastic-free model heats up fast and conserves energy with a British Strix control. One Amazon shopper even called this one “the holy grail of electric kettles.”

Cons: While it has a two-year warranty, it didn’t always last 24 months. And there have been sightings of rust near the shut-off mechanism.

Let's just call this the king of kettles. It's a high-end 1500 watt, two-quart stainless steel model for the gadget-lover who’ll appreciate the five pre-set brewing temps. It has a 360-degree stainless-steel directional base and a push-button control panel.

Pros: This electric kettle looks like the command center for the Apollo moon missions while offering the control of varied temperatures while still being easy to use. It won’t boil dry and will keep its temperature for twenty minutes at the push of a button. It has five pre-set brewing temperatures for tea and much more. 

Cons: Users report issues with the auto-shutoff feature. 

The basic brave-little-toaster-that-could of electric kettles, this one does the job, and not much else.

Pros: A straightforward, quick-to-boil stainless steel cordless that has automatic shutoff and won’t boil dry. Practical and easy to clean.

Cons: Stylish it’s not – and, at only one liter capacity, it’s on the small side.

The ceramic kettle looks tea-party ready but this appliance has all the mod-cons you’re seeking.

Pros: This well-designed appliance with a detachable element travels from countertop to table, boils water with the flick of a switch and the gooseneck spout keeps spills to a minimum. It comes in a variety of cool patterns and a unique copper chrome.

Cons: It’s heavy – and the ceramic is breakable.

So if you were having, say, the royals over for tea, this is the electric kettle you'd have to use. Period.

Pros: It’s a classic gooseneck kettle, but with presets. You get accurate variable temperature presets that allow you to have perfect coffee or tea every single time, thanks to a 1000 watt base that heats your water. 

Cons: It can leak.

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