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This Electric Carving Knife Will Slice Through Turkey Like a Lightsaber

And it works on bread, too.

No matter what anyone tells you, knives are not interchangeable. There’s no one size fits all blade. That’s especially true if you’re someone who’s wondering how to carve turkey like a pro on Thanksgiving or Christmas, with the whole hungry family watching. The simplest way to meticulously slice and dice a turkey is by using an electric carving knife. Our personal favorite has got to be Cuisinart’s electric stainless steel knife—and we suggest you grab it up before turkey time.

You need an electric carving knife, and this is the best one for the price.

Electric knives take the elbow pain and strain out of the equation, and Cuisinart’s delivers on this promise in spades. You get a miniature kit when you buy the knife: a handle and two blades that come with a very bespoke-looking wooden storage tray. (Don’t worry—the tray has a safety lock system. Just in case.) We love the tray so much, we can’t imagine our kitchen countertop without it now.

One of the blades is a “bread blade,” which is very serrated and made for cutting, well, you know. The other blade is a “carving blade” that’ll slice up your meats (like, say, a Thanksgiving turkey) and veggies pronto. In other words, you get two knives in one. And they’re electric. All you have to do is insert the blade and press the pressure-activated on/off trigger, and the blades will then whirr to life, easily slicing through anything you can throw its way.

Now, back to the pro part. You’re wondering how to use this thing? Cuisinart helpfully provided us with specific directions. To begin with, make sure your knife is unplugged when you insert the blade. Hold the blade away from you until you hear a click.

  • Let the turkey cool before cutting it, to let the meat firm up.
  • Take out the stuffing and put turkey on a carving board, breast side up, with the legs facing you.
  • Use a carving fork to hold the turkey in place so the bird doesn’t move around and cause problems.
  • While holding the turkey steady with a carving fork, cut the skin between the thigh and the breast.
  • Pull the turkey leg to expose the joint connecting the thigh and cut through joint with the knife to remove the leg.
  • Hold the drumstick with the fork and cut at the joint between the drumstick and thigh to separate the two pieces.
  • Slice the meat on the drumstick by cutting along the bone to get thick, juicy slices of turkey.
  • Turn the drumstick and continue slicing along the bone until all of the meat is off.
  • To remove meat from the thigh, cut thick slices to the bone.
  • To cut the wing, hold it away from you by using the fork and cut through the joint.
  • Take a nap.

Thick, thin, razor-thin, and perfectly even cuts: it’s all possible with these pair of knives. And yes, they can cut their share of cake without making a mess, since the blades are quite thin themselves. Cutting by itself made much easier with an ergonomically designed handle; not only will it keep your hand steady, but it’s more than suitable for both righties and lefties.

However you like to cut, you’ve made the cut. (Sorry.) And if you feel it slipping, simply leg go of the trigger, and the blades will stop. They’ve clearly made the knives with safety in mind—something we can appreciate when slicing turkey for smaller children.

Taking your turkey on the go? While we don’t recommend transporting the entire tray, the knives are easily transportable, weighing less than five pounds all together. So even if you’re off to someone else’s Thanksgiving, you could still be the star of the show.

Cusinart has also put customer service first: the whole kit comes with a consummate instruction manual and three-year warranty. It’s made from BPA-free materials too, if you care about that sort of stuff. So if you’re ready to rock Thanksgiving—or really any meal you’re making—then it’s time to make the jump to electric. It’ll definitely save you time. And save you a headache or two as well.

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