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A Podcast For Kids, Featuring Kids, That You’ll Want To Hear

Now that you know who The Pop Ups — and all their cool kindie-rocking friends — are, your weekly podcast intake has probably taken a backseat to some serious father-child musical bonding. So you may as well kill two birds with one stone by subscribing to Ear Snacks, a monthly kids podcast hosted by Andrew & Polly (who are totally The Pop Ups-approved).

ear snacks

Andrew Barkan and Polly Hall describe Ear Snacks as “A radical new podcast … for kids, featuring kids.” Each 20-minute episode covers a particular subject that might be of interest to your curious critter. Things like “Hats,” “Fruit,” “Balls,” and … “Critters.” Parents and kids talk about the titular subjects to predictably adorable effect, and episodes often feature discussions with experts including marine biologists, composers, scientists, and children’s book authors and illustrators. Each full episode is supplemented every few weeks with an “Extra” podcast, usually about 2-minutes long, featuring a bonus discussion with the kids or experts, or a song from Andrew & Polly.

ear snacks

Like the great Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Ear Snacks works because it acknowledges that kids are, in fact, intelligent by letting them lead the discussion on topics relevant to them. And hey, you might just learn something, too. Time to add Andrew & Polly to your Best Podcasts For Kids station. You may now resume rocking out to tunes about sharing and car rides.

Ear Snacks By Andrew & Polly (iTunes) (Stitcher) (SoundCloud) (TuneIn)