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The Dyson V8 Cordless Stick Vacuum Is $100 Off

A Dyson deal is a huge deal.

After months on end at home with kids, cooking all of your meals and mostly focusing on keeping everyone alive, it’s a safe bet that most people’s floors could use a little love. Kids and pets making messes are inevitable, but cleaning it up doesn’t have to be so frustrating. Dyson vacuums are super powerful but easy to use, so sucking up crumbs, dirt, dust, and hair is painless. They’re powerful enough that even a quick once over makes for a deep clean, and easy enough to use that you’ll want to do so regularly. But Dyson is having a flash sale, so you can score a Cordless v8 Vacuum for up to $100 off. So the next time your kid throws their breakfast on the ground or your cat leaves your couch covered in a film of hair, (because there will definitely be a next time) at least cleaning it up will be quick and easy.

This cordless, light-weight model makes everyday vacuuming seem feasible. At less than 6 pounds, vacuuming with this thing is comparable to sweeping, but with 115 air watts of suction power, two heads for both carpet and hard floors, two power modes, and a filtration system that captures allergens and expels clean air, it's fit for deep cleans too. It comes with a crevice and combination tool, and can quickly transform into a handheld vacuum. Keep it mounted on its docking station and will run for 40 minutes, or 7 minutes of MAX mode for the biggest messes and deepest cleans.

Plus, just in time for fall allergy season, Dyson’s air purifier is also on sale.

Not only does this bad boy monitor your air quality in real time. But it uses an activated carbon filter to remove gases and sealedHEPA filters to capture 99.97 percent of fine particles such as allergens,

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