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These Boozy Advent Calendars Should Help With The Holiday Stress

Talk about yuletide spirit.

The countdown to Christmas can be stressful. The shopping, the decorating, the holiday tunes on every radio station ⏤ it can be a long month, even if you’re not visiting or hosting the in-laws. Advent calendars, which originated in the 19th century and traditionally included a hidden chocolate for every day leading up to Christmas, were designed to help people survive that taxing time. Also, to help Christians get excited about the birth of Jesus Christ. Okay, so yes, more the latter. Drinks by the Dram’s advent calendars, however, offer fun for both Christians and booze lovers. The English company, which specializes in selling samples of thousands of fine spirits in wee small bottles, peddles a solid selection of holiday treats. Advent calendars come with 24 handmade 30mL wax-sealed drams (one for every day leading up to Christmas), each filled with the sauce from a different distillery around the world.

Drinks by the Dram advent calendars

Specialized calendars come loaded with rare small-batch and craft Bourbons, Gins, Rums, Cognacs, Tequilas, Vodkas, or Mezcals, not to mention a long lineup of Whiskys ⏤ from Irish, Scotch, and Japanese, to Single Cask, Old and Rare, and Very Old and Rare Whisky. You have the option of being surprised by the selections behind each door, or you can see the calendar’s full assortment when you order. They start around $110 and are easily shipped to the United States, so assuming you get on the ball (Advent starts on Sunday!), you should only a have to drink a few when it arrives to get caught up.

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