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Secure Your Home Network And Devices The Old-Fashioned Way: With Dojo

Sure, everyone’s jazzed about the smart homes of the near future, but every time you connect your refrigerator or baby monitor to the internet, it’s just one more entry point for hacker sketchballs who crack encryption for sport. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could add one simple device that monitored all the other ones and notified you if one of said sketchballs was sneaking through your digital backdoor? Wouldn’t be even cooler if that device looked like you stole it from a zen garden? Set to start shipping in March, Dojo by Dojo Labs is a smart home security gateway that protects your network and all linked devices by learning their behavioral patterns to detect weaknesses.

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Whether there’s a hacker trying to spy on your kid through their Furby, a virus about to attack because Junior didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to click that link, or data being shared by your smart TV with someone who shouldn’t have it, Dojo lets you know. It glows when it detects suspicious activity, and if that doesn’t grab your attention, it sends you a message from a smartphone app that lets you take specific actions to address it. You don’t have to check up on it or even understand the threats to remain secure, which is good, because you have no time to, and you don’t.

Dojo -- dojo labs

With every new device added and threat made, Dojo learns more and becomes more effective at alerting you sooner. The one thing it never learns about is your personal data. And since it’s totally wireless and not tethered to the stack of cubes next to your TV, it can serve as an old-fashioned, analog home security device in a pinch: a rock thrown at the face of an unwanted intruder.

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