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DJ Khaled’s Father-Son Suits From ‘Grateful’ Album Are Up For Sale

With their dope-as-hell summer jam and delightful Father’s Day antics, DJ Khaled and his 8-month-old son Asahd have already become one of the coolest father-son combos of all time. And they often look dope as hell doing it in matching suits, like the baby blue set worn by the duo on the Grateful album cover. Now, the most streamed man on Spotify is selling the suits, as well as other random articles of clothing from his closet, to help raise money for charity. That means you can step up your summer wedding style or just make their holiday card style a whole lot cooler by snagging the dope threads.

A portion of all the proceeds will be donated to his “Win More Music” campaign with Get Schooled, a nonprofit that encourages students to graduate high school. So if you get shit for purchasing the suits — or, say, Khaled’s white leather tracksuit — you can say it was all in the name of helping kids achieve their dreams.

dj khaled asahd suit

dj khaled asahd suit

And while the suits are still pretty damn pricey, they’re not that ridiculous? Okay, they are. But if you’ve got $3,600, to blow, why not get some dope suits. While you may never be the most-streamed artist on Spotify, that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to treat yo self. And your kid. Besides, there aren’t that many opportunities to do the same-suit look. It only reaches the maximum effect when there’s an infant involved.