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How to Have the Best Family Movie Night Ever

Movie night is made better with a DIY theater setup, some homemade pizza, and a reliable streaming setup.

This story was produced in partnership with Xfinity xFi, the speed, coverage, and control you need for the ultimate in-home WiFi experience.

Family movie night is always a fun time — popcorn, snacks, cuddling time on the couch. But what if it were a bit more exciting? Not a problem. Start with this simple (and temporary) DIY home theater that brings the family together with cushions, blankets, and a little mood lighting. Then, continue the DIY theme with homemade pizzas — one per person so the kids can customize their toppings (hide the candy). Finally, lean on your reliaxble Xfinity xFi high-speed Internet, browse the family film selections, kick back, and stream the show.

Watch the video to see how it works — and get some inspiration for a family movie night upgrade.