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There’s a Giant Sale On Baby Diaper Pails Happening Now

Because s--t stinks. A lot.

Diaper pails are not sexy. Diaper pails are not fun. Diaper pails are not cheap. But hoooo boy, you’ll need the best diaper pail you can find when the literal shit hits the fan. As in, when you’re drowning in dirty diapers that make your home smell worse than a Porta Potty at Coachella.

So without further ado, here are the best diaper pails on sale now.

Ubbi's diaper pail is normally $80. That's a lot. But we like the discounted price, plus its child lock and hermetic seal to keep odors inside.

You can use any bags with this diaper pail, which is a huge boon for parents. And it’s steel, which is simply more durable and looks better than plastic. Period.

Normally $75, this Munchkin diaper pail is a great product at a great price.

This very popular diaper pail has a self-sealing system seals the bag shut as the lid closes, and works with both rings and snap, seal and toss bags.

On the regular, this diaper pail is $50. This Diaper Genie is tall enough that you don't have to bend over, and features double clamps to keep the stench contained inside it.

The refill bags fit 270 newborn diapers. That’s a lot. And you change them out using the front tilt bin.

On a normal day, you'd pay $70 for this diaper pail. Why? This diaper pail comes with six months' worth of refill bags, has a hands-free operation to close the lid, and has double-sealed inner and outer lids to keep the ungodly diaper smell where it belongs.

Plus this bad boy can handle newborn diapers, size five diapers, and even adult diapers

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