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This Military-Grade Diaper Bag Will Carry All Of Your Baby Gear

There’s just something about toting around a diaper bag that screams, “Hey, eventually everything here is going to be covered in shit!” Because it doesn’t matter that you’re skilled at changing diapers or wearing a baby carrier in public. You want a bag that looks like it can survive a tour of Afghanistan, not just poop grenades. It’s called the Tier 1 D Messenger Bag. Oh, and it happens to be designed by Jack Osbourne — father, adventurer, and son of the Prince of Darkness.

Tier 1-D Diaper Bag

Jack designed the Tier 1-D to handle your “toughest missions.” Situations like asking the cute checkout girl at Rite-Aid where they keep the butt cream. Or rolling up your sleeves to handle a Pampers blowout on the playground. So, while you may be up to your arms in human excrement, at least your bag is impressive and intimidating. The Tier 1 D Messenger Bag is made from military-grade materials and has adjustable Molle panels to add extra pouches and gear. It also comes in 3 different sizes: The Range (big), the messenger bag (bigger), and Deployment Tote (you and the kid are never coming home).

Fatherly Tier 1-D Diaper Bag

Every model of Tier 1 D Messenger Bag features rugged military styling, quick-release Cobra buckles (oooh, danger!), and Cordura fabric that makes you look like you were just pushing a stroller down Fury Road. But the Tier 1-D isn’t relegated to kid duty. After dumping your baby’s stuff on the floor, you can easily adjust the main diaper bag pocket to fit your laptop, gym shoes, or many Medals Of Honor.

Buy Now $295