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Deal: Marshall’s Best-in-Class Bluetooth Speaker Is More Than 50 Percent Off Today

Normally $400, the fantastic speaker's on sale today for $170.

The market isn’t saturated with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi speakers; it’s damn near flooded with them. Every tech company, it seems, has their own, looking to hit that sweet spot of sound and style. In terms of home models, few nail that combination as well as the Marshall Stanmore speaker. Designed by Marshall, the company best known for their guitar amps, the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi thumper both sounds and looks terrific. The only problem is its price: at nearly $400, it veers into MPT (major purchase territory). Which is why right now is the time to strike: Today only, Amazon is selling the speaker for more than 50 percent off.

Built to look like one of Marshall’s legendary amps, the 10-pound Stanmore features a beautiful leather exterior, gold tinting, and the classic logo stamped on the front of the grill. The entire package is purpose built to feel as though you could plug a Fender into it. While the speaker doesn’t actually double as an amp, it does produce rich, full-bodied, loud sound piped in from your device. In addition to its Bluetooth, RCA, and Aux connections, the Stanmore can be connected to Wi-Fi, which means it plays Internet radio, Spotify and all that good stuff. But what’s important here is the sound: even at wall-shaking volumes (and it easily reaches such levels) the sound is crisp and well balanced. Rock. Pop. Jazz. It does justice to every genre. That’s a hard trick to pull off but the Stanmore does it with ease.

In short, if you’re looking for a home speaker to sit in your office or living room, well, there are few models that look and sound as good as the Stanmore. And, thanks to Amazon’s deal, you can grab it for more than 50 percent off.

Buy Now $170

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