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Deal: Amazon Has This Beloved Robotic Vacuum Marked $120 Off Today

Show those crumbs who's boss.

Kids make a mess all year round. But summer, the season of sand and crumblier snacks, amps things up a bit. If only you could have a vacuum that gobbles up crunched Cheerios and tracked dirt on its own accord like a mess-seeking sentry. Well, lucky for you Amazon has sliced $120 off the Deebot 900 robotic vacuum from Ecovacs, which is more than up for the task.

Ecovacs specializes in budget-friendlier robotic vacuums. And their Deebot 900 is one of the best reviewed models. Equipped with a laser navigation system, the Deebot 900 is smart enough to map your rooms before it gets down to business so you can place boundaries and ensure that it doesn’t careen into a corner when sucking up dust, dander, and crumbs. Through that functionality, you can also schedule cleaning in high-traffic areas (like, you know, under the kitchen table) as well as send it on regular dirt patrols.

The Deebot 900 runs for 100 minutes per charge and is equipped to clean carpets as well as hardwood floors. It’s also app-controlled and compatible with Google Home and Alexa so you can receive updates and use voice commands.

It currently has 52 reviews on Amazon, 67 percent of which are 5-star. While some reviewers claim setup is difficult as well as some initial navigation issues, most purchasers seem pleased. “I have to say I’m blown away by how well this little guy cleans and navigates, both on hardwood and carpet. It won’t replace your normal vacuum, but it’ll definitely keep the floors cleaner between normal vacuuming,” wrote one reviewer. “The Deebot does an amazing job of covering ground efficiently using the digital mapping system included. I was amazed at the artificial intelligence on this little guy. When it gets stuck, it is able to get itself free most of the time,” wrote another.

If Deebot sounds like something up your alley, it’s on sale for $280, which is $120 lower than normal.

Buy Now $280

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