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Deal: Amazon Is Selling this Leather Messenger Bag For Only $38 Today

How can you pass this up?

When you become a dad, a good work bag becomes even more of an essential than it once was. While before it needed only provide space for a laptop, tablet, and other office essentials, now it must also serve as the spillover bag those random items that, for lack of space or time, must be shoved in— a sippy cup here, some extra wipes there. Besides all this, good leather messenger bag is one of those accessories that doesn’t feel out of place when worn to a big meeting, the bar, or a baby music class.

The problem is, a good leather bag costs good money. As it should: one that will last you through the years needs to have quality craftsmanship and be made from proper materials. That’s why we’re so surprised that Amazon is selling the 14.5 inch Vintage Handmade Leather Canvas Messenger Bag from Aaron Leather. Already decently priced at $150, the messenger bag is being sold today for only $37. $37!! Fans self with hand.

Made of high-quality cowhide leather and rugged canvas, the bag features a large main interior compartment as well as a smaller side compartment, zippered pocket and a pair of open pockets. There are also three pen slots and ample padding on that interior pocket that makes it cushy enough to cradle a laptop or tablet. Simple buckle strap lash downs keep things secured tight while an adjustable canvas strap makes it simple to sling over your shoulder. And, not to be superficial or anything, but damn, the combination of dark grey and brown leather looks great. Treat it well and this is a bag your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be carrying. If they carry messenger bags in the future, that is.

Buy Now $38

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