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Deal: Today’s the Day to Join the Cult of the Instant Pot

Amazon has taken $40 off the price of the Instant Pot DUO.

If you think about it, it’s pretty funny that in this, our age of smartphones and smart everything, the most lauded piece of cookware is a combination of two mainstays from the 1970s: the Instant Pot. But the hybrid slow cooker/pressure cooker is crowding people’s countertops for a reason: it allows one to both cook foods that normally take hours in 30 minutes and also goes low and slow when the moment is right. It’s also handy for sautéing, steaming, cooking rice, and re-warming. Not to mention, the Instant Pot is a big benefit to new parents, as it doubles as a bottle sterilizer and can help you whip up baby food quickly. Basically, the multi-cooker does the job of nine appliances.

Today, Amazon is offloading one version of the beloved cooker for a nice discount less. The Instant Pot DUO Plus 60, which has a six-quart capacity (enough to prep meals for a family of four), is the most updated version of the Instant Pot. It has all the niceties of the standard pot (easy to read LCD screen, dual pressure settings) and has 13 temperature settings a suite of safety features ad even connectivity with Alexa if you want her to talk to your smart pot. Normally $130, you can pick it up today for $90

Buy Now $90

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