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Deal Alert: Walmart Is Having Massive Sale on Kids Trampolines

And here are three to check out.

Once upon a time, kids bounced on backyard trampolines and parents had nary a care in the world. There was exposed metal, little padding, and children routinely went sailing clear off into the grass. Broken bones were not uncommon. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Trampolines today offer just as much bounce but come with safety padding, netting, and everything else a parent needs to, well, still have nary a care in the world as their kids hop, hop, hop away.

Even better, right now Walmart is unloading a bunch of kids trampolines at steep discounts just in time for the summer. From one-toddler minis for the playroom to backyard 16-footers for the whole neighborhood, some are marked down as much as $200. Here are the best deals on three different-sized models:

55″ Round Kids Mini Trampoline

For kids as young as 3-years-old, this round mini tramp offers 4-feet of jumping surface and a 6-foot weather/UV proof safety net.

Buy Now $60

Little Tikes Easy Store 7-Foot Folding Trampoline

The beauty of this mid-size 7-foot trampoline for one (although it can hold up to 100 pounds) is that it folds up and can be wheeled away for easy storage. It’s also currently $55 cheaper than on Amazon.

Buy Now $254

Skywalker Trampolines 16-Foot Trampoline

Rolled back $200 from its regular price, this backyard trampoline features a patented No-Gap enclosure system, dual closure net (latch and zipper), and rust-resistant springs located on the outside ⏤ all for added safety.

Buy Now $350