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The DartZone Magnum Blaster Unleashes 40 Rounds of Foam-Dart Fury

The key to dominating any toy gun battle ⏤ be it against an agile eight-year-old kid or a Nerf gun enthusiast from accounting ⏤ is to never run out of ammunition. Ever. Roll into the living/break room with DartZone’s 40-round Magnum Superdrum Blaster and that shouldn’t be a problem.

The Magnum is part of NERF-competitor Dart Zone’s Covert Ops series — but there’s nothing subtle or sneaky about the assault rifle. It features a massive rotating super-drum that holds 40 darts and even rocks an adjustable forearm tactical support rest to ensure full control of the firearm. There are two blasting modes: the one-dart trigger fire for sniping and the unleash-the-fury “slamfire” ⏤ a pump-action setting that sprays three darts per second across the room. Neither mode requires batteries, which makes the Magnum Superdrum Blaster’s 80-foot range even more impressive. The Magnum Superdrum Blaster is sold in stores or online for $20.

DartZone Magnum Superdrum Blaster

Buy Now $25

Dart Zone Magnum Superdrum Blaster
Dart Zone Magnum Superdrum Blaster