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Dario Lets You Use Your Smartphone To Test Your Kid’s Blood Sugar

Being a parent is hard. Now imagine all that hard, and throw in raising a diabetic kid. That’s right — your go-to all-donut breakfast is out, as is your go-to all-donut lunch. Donut dinners? Also no longer an option. Technology can’t help parents feed kids with diabetes donuts, but it can at least make checking their blood sugar a little easier. That’s the promise, anyway of the new Dario Smart Glucose Meter.

The Dario Smart Glucose Meter is a portable glucose meter that connects to your smartphone (via the headphone jack) and can test blood sugar in under 6 seconds. It doesn’t use batteries and includes both a built-in lance (for finger pricking) and a disposable cartridge that holds up to 25 test strips (which are sold through a subscription service). That’s the actual device. The app, meanwhile, measures/tracks said blood sugar readings (noting the time taken: pre/post meal/bedtime) and insulin dosages, can generate trend charts, and even analyze the data in an effort to help better manage diabetes. It also seconds as a food logbook to track meals. And all of it syncs to the cloud so you can keep your doctor in the loop.Dario Smart Glucose Meter

More importantly, though, the Dario Smart Glucose Meter’s got your back if/when your kid’s blood sugar spikes — it immediately sends emergency alert texts to family and friends with your GPS location.

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