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The Dad Hoodie Is a Sweatshirt That Holds All Your Baby Essentials

How did you ever live without this thing?

If you have a baby, you need a diaper bag. Which is why we almost lost our collective minds when we came across a diaper bag hoodie. Yes, parents, you’re about to meet your new favorite piece of clothing: The Dad Hoodie. It’s one of those creations that’s so genius, you wonder why it took this long for it to make it to market.

Ok, we’re exaggerating a little, but the Dad Hoodie is sort of a cool piece of tactical kid gear that’ll save your shoulder at least some of the diaper bag pain. It looks, well, like a hoodie, coming in heather grey or navy, so it’ll go with most fast-casual outfits you have in your closet. But, as they say, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.


Pack up your diaper bag and wear this genius piece of gear instead.

Hidden in the Dad Hoodie are no less than six discreet pockets with very specific purposes. On the top, you’ve got a zippered pocket that holds your wallet on the right and a small pocket for your phone on the left. In the middle there are two pockets in the back, each of which holds a couple diapers. And on the bottom of the hoodie, you’ve got another pocket for diapers and wipes on the right, plus a bottle pouch and a pacifier pouch on the left. Basically, you’re wearing a diaper bag. 

But we must say, it doesn’t look like a diaper bag. The Dad Hoodie is actually a decently stylish hoodie that—while not the most elevated option in your closet—certainly won’t look out of place on the father of a newborn. For a little boost, we recommend layering it with a v-neck, henley, or another shirt with a little something extra going on. 

And the Dad Hoodie is comfortable, too. On the outside, it’s so soft to the touch that it’ll feel like you’re wearing your own blanket. On the inside, you’ve got a mesh lining that makes the hoodie extra breathable—dads tend to overheat—and the material is stretchable, so you don’t have to worry too much about settling into your dad bod. (Don’t worry: it’s in vogue.)

All this is to say: you don’t have to carry around a diaper bag anymore. As a working father, you probably have enough bags to haul around as it is. So skip the shoulder pain and join the Dad Hoodie revolution. Kind of like a regular revolution, but more comfy.

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