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Cubcoats Are Stuffed Animals That Transform Into Hoodies For Kids

And they're available in everything from bear cubs and cats to puppies and pandas.

It is not uncommon for kids to get attached to a piece of clothing. Usually it’s a shirt with their favorite Frozen character. Or a jersey from the local sports team. Rarely, however, is it a hoodie that morphs into an adorable stuffed animal ⏤ because if it was, no other piece of clothing would ever have a chance. Well, get ready to pack up that Elsa shirt. Cubcoats are clever line of stuffed animals that hide a kid-sized hoodie within them.

Essentially, they’re packable hoodies with a cuddly creature on the pouch. And the fact that my almost three-year-old daughter’s ‘Flynn the Fox’ Cubcoat (which was sent as a review sample) ended up in her crib on the first night, should speak to said cuddliness. She immediately embraced ‘Eddie’ (its new name) and repeatedly asked me to make it change from hoodie to fox and back again. As a stuffed animal, it’s made of plush fleece and is super soft, albeit slightly one dimensional with tiny feet and a stitched-on tail. It actually makes a great pillow.

To unfurl the grey cotton hoodie, simply unzip the back and pull it out. The animal then folds into the hood ⏤ zipping up from the inside ⏤ giving it a little extra padding should your kid bonk their head, although I’m not sure that was the intention. There are also fun cat ears that pop up from the top of the hood too. Overall, the 3T hoodie fit my daughter well and has nice high-quality feel, which makes the $40 price tag seem not at all unreasonable. They come in sizes 2T to seven.

There are eight cuddle cubs from which to choose, so every kid can have their favorite, and they all come with alliterative names like Tomo the Tiger, Benne the Bunny, and Bori the Bear. Each box also includes fun facts, stickers, and “a whimsical, illustrated map of Cubcoat Island.” As if all of that wasn’t enough, Cubcoats have a unique added bonus. As they’re likely to become your child’s new best friend, and also their coat, it’s unlikely you’ll ever accidentally leave it somewhere and have to suffer through a bedtime ritual without their favorite toy. Or piece of clothing for that matter.

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